Tunisian bikers set out to Béjaïa on fraternity and friendship trip
07/07/2019 18:30, DOUZ/Tunisia

(TAP)- Seven riders departed Sunday at dawn from Douz, southern Tunisia, on a bike trip to Béjaïa, Algeria. For Fraternity and Friendship ride, organised by the Sahara Dawn for Bikes association, extends over 2,000 km, President of the association Frej Ben Mhamed told TAP.

Riders will pass through Bou Chebka (governorate of Kasserine) then Constantine, Sétif and Annaba as they head for the finish line in Béjaïa. On their way back, they will they start out from Skikda and go through Annaba to Bizerte, northern Tunisia, then Nabeul before reaching the Sahel region and setting out to the Sahara through Gabès, Matmata, Ghizen, Tamazret and Douz.

This initiative is intended to disseminate the cycling culture and contribute to the values of fraternity and friendship becoming rooted, in addition to promoting tourism and sports.

The journey fits within the association's Douz, Cycling City 2023 project.

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