Zarzis shipwreck: Last body of undocumented migrant recovered
13/07/2019 16:14, ZARZIS/Tunisia

(TAP) – Zarzis coastguards Saturday recovered the last body of a migrant among victims of a shipwreck, said spokesperson for the South District Rachid Bouzid.

Eighty-two bodies were recovered earlier, including nine on Friday (8 in Zarzis and 1 in Djerba), he added.

The bodies are believed to be victims of a a wreck less than two weeks ago after 86 undocumented migrants set sail from Libya on board a boat heading to Europe.

Four among them were rescued early last week, including an Ivorian national who died later at the Zarzis regional hospital.

Bodies washed up on the coasts of Zazis, Djerba and El Ketf on a daily basis since the shipwreck, including 47 on one day alone (July 11). All of the 82 bodies were taken to Gabés for DNA testing.

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