Gafsa: For healthy environment and sustainable development
14/07/2019 15:18, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) - The association for the protection of Gafsa from natural disasters and preservation of environment organised on Saturday a scientific conference, under the theme "Gafsa, for a healthy environment and sustainable development", in cooperation with the association the future of young Gafsa.

The conference aims to raise awareness of the environmental issues that threaten the governorate and their negative impacts on sustainable development, stresses the president of the Gafsa protection association, Faiçal Bedoui.

The conference was expected to result in recommendations calling for action to combat pollution in the region.

In a communication given on this occasion, entitled''' a new vision of sustainable development in Gafsa towards a balance between environmental, economic and social dimensions'', former Minister of Energy, Mines and Renewable Energy, Khaled Kaddour, suggests to fight against environmental pollution, to move the CPG laundries away from urban areas, to exploit non-conventional waters (seawater) in the activities of the CPG and GCT and to create new green spaces.

The governorate of Gafsa ranks first in terms of environmental pollution due to the activities of the Tunisian Chemical Group (GCT) and the Compagnie des phosphates de Gafsa (CPG), which affects the air, soil and groundwater.

During the next period, the association will organise actions to raise citizens' awareness of the danger of the environmental situation in the region.

An afforestation campaign will be launched in partnership with the Regional Agricultural Development Commissioner and the GPG, in addition to the creation of green spaces in the mining basin areas.

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