U.S. delegation looks at prospects of decentralised cooperation in Jendouba
16/08/2019 15:02, JENDOUBA/Tunisia

(TAP) – A delegation from the Foreign Assistance Unit at the United States embassy in Tunis made a visit Thursday to Jendouba to look at prospects of decentralised cooperation.

The development situation of Jendouba and prospects of investment in small and medium-sized projects were discussed during a meeting with Governor Ali Marmouri.

Ways to support local investors among young people and women as well as community projects were also debated.

The meeting also focused on training and the development of skills and competencies by staff members in the different sectors and the good management of the region's human, financial and natural resources.

Members of the U.S. delegation reiterated their country’s readiness to support the State’s efforts in the region, especially in relation to the fight against corruption, terrorism, poverty and unemployment and the development of infrastructure in in less-favoured areas through the promotion of tourism and ecological projects.

The delegation likewise showed a particular interest in backing civil society initiatives in the region.

Governor Marmouri mainly briefed members of the delegation about project opportunities in the region.

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