2019 Presidential Election: No voters at Borj El Khadra polling centre, village deserted by its inhabitants
15/09/2019 17:55, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) - The polling center of Borj El Khadra (far south of Tunisia), has not received any voters since Sunday morning on the day of the early presidential election, in the absence of residents who have left the village for years, said voting center member Mohamed Fethi Messai to media.

Independent High Regional Authority for the Elections (IRIE)'s regional coordinator in the governorate of Tataouine, Taher Aouini, told TAP correspondent in the region that the closure of this polling station is only possible by decision of the central authority, especially since the Independent High Authority for the Elections (ISIE) has an electoral register with 29 voters in this region.

Concerning the voting of hundreds of workers in the oil fields in the desert, he specified that the nature of the work of these workers, who do not reside on the spot, prevents ISIE from opening polling stations dedicated to them, especially since they are already registered in the offices of their places of residence.

For the rest of the polling centres and stations, the influx of voters is not significant in most cases. Thus, some offices have recorded, above all, the influx of adults, while the arrival of young people is expected during the afternoon, according to many heads of offices.

The Regional Labour Union in Tataouine mobilised 180 observers from most polling centres to monitor the voting process.

Regional Labour Union member Adnen Yahyaoui said that some violations have been recorded, including non-compliance and ranking of voters' names with the list published in the electoral register, at a polling station in the city of Tataouine. Similarly, a large influx of voters was recorded outside one of the polling stations, located in the " Cordoue " polling centre in the city of Tataouine, in the absence of an IRIE agent to organise the entry of voters into the polling station.

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