Siliana: follow-up of "Bargou 2020" project
10/12/2019 19:48, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) - A working meeting was held on Tuesday at the headquarters of Siliana Governorate to monitor progress in the implementation of the "Bargou 2020 Strategy" project.

The project represents a set of activities and pilot actions under the European Neighbourhood Programme for Agriculture and Rural Development (Enpard), said Mahmoud Bchini, project coordinator.

The 34-month project (November 2017 - September 2020), cost stands at 5 million dinars allocated by the European Commission.

The project is the result of the agreement signed between the organization "Oxfame", the association El Wifak of Bargou and the Italian consortium Gal Eloro, he said.

It aims to contribute to the sustainable development of natural and agricultural resources for the benefit of local people in marginalised rural areas as well as to the strengthening of socio-economic development in the Bargou delegation.

This project is structured around 3 axes, the development of the resources of the Bargou region, the identification and execution of individual and collective initiatives in sustainable development as well as the implementation of development projects and the recognition of local governance.

"Nearly 100 agricultural and environmental projects initiated by young entrepreneurs have been selected to benefit from this programme out of a total of 370 projects in the Bargou delegation. They are linked in particular to sheep breeding, handicrafts and fruit tree planting," the same source pointed out.

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