Agreement reached to end El Kamour sit-in
16/01/2020 10:30, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) – An agreement was reached to end El Kamour sit-in at a meeting held Wednesday in Carthage between President Kais Saied and representatives of the sit-in, pending development of projects for residents of the region in various delegations, the Presidency of the Republic announced in a press release.

The President of the Republic called on the sit-in representatives and the youth of Tataouine in general to submit well-studied project proposals, recalling that the unemployed “are not a burden but rather a wasted wealth of the State’s duty to provide them with solutions in a participatory manner,” the press release reads.

“The El Kamour sit-in issue is the problem of the whole people, not only of a region,” the Head of State pointed out, reaffirming in this regard the need to solve the posed problems according to a new approach based on the development of a set of projects stemming from the citizens’ will without recuperation, far from the old concepts of politics that perpetuates centralisation, the same source added.

For their part, the representatives of the youth of Tataouine briefed the President about the set of difficulties facing them due to the non-implementation of the agreement concluded with them in 2017.

This agreement notably includes the disbursement of 80 million dinars for the Development and Investment Fund of Tataouine to help young unemployed people in the region to find jobs.

They also presented to the President of the Republic a set of proposals related to the development of the region's water and industrial potential and its tourist, cultural and civilisational product, stressing the importance of providing investments to create jobs for the population of Tataouine and to revive the economy in the region.

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