Kebili: Protection of young people against extremism and terrorism at centre of meeting
19/01/2020 14:51, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) - A regional meeting of Tunisian Scouts was held on Sunday in Kebili, as part of the "Scouts Impact" project.

According to Amor Hakim, regional coordinator of the project, this programme aims to disseminate the culture of tolerance, prevent violent radicalisation, protect the younger generation against extremism and terrorism and promote social cohesion.

This regional meeting, he added, also aims to strengthen the activities of the Scout organisation in disseminating the concept of self-esteem among young people. It also aims to combat the socio-economic causes of extremism and to encourage young people to participate in public life and decision-making.

For his part, Commissioner General of the Tunisian Scouts, Wahid Labidi, stressed the importance of the socio-cultural and educational approach in the fight against violence and terrorism.

The role of the Scout movement in Tunisia consists, he said, in protecting young people, the first potential targets of the speeches of terrorist organisations, to encourage them to join the Scout organisation that "educates in non-violence and helps them to forge their personality".

Wahi Labidi recalled that the "Scout Impact" project is a national project, initiated by the Scout organisation in collaboration with civil society. This programme concerns all regions of Tunisia.

The Kébili region has a total of 17. According to Wahid Labidi, this figure is expected to increase by the end of 2020 to reach 20 troops spread throughout the governorate, including in the border locality of Rjim Maatoug.

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