Redeyef: CPG workers stage sit-in
17/02/2020 18:01, GAFSA/Tunisia

(TAP)– Site workers of the Gafsa Phosphates Company (CPG) in Redeyef, on Monday, staged a sit-in, claiming the application of the agreement signed, in December 2018, between the Tunisian General Labour Union (UGTT) and the Prime Ministry.

Local coordinator of Redeyef site workers Abdessalem Melki told TAP that around 200 workers operating in different companies of the delegation have chosen to gather at CPG sites in Redeyef, as an escalation; their sit-in observed for two months at the headquarters of the Redeyef delegation did not pay off, he said.

The protest has disrupted the transport of raw phosphate from the quarry to the laundromat, district manager of the Company in Redeyef Mohamed Ghamdou told TAP.

Secretary General of the governorate of Gafsa Mohamed Chokri Fattah said that this issue has a national dimension; it is for the 5 + 5 commission (UGTT, government) to settle it.

Regularising the workers’ situation depends on forming the new government, he said.

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