France backs Djerba Island's application to be included on UNESCO World Heritage List (ambassador)
20/02/2020 19:31, DJERBA/Tunisia

(TAP)- French ambassador in Tunis, Olivier Poivre D'arvor, who visited Djerba on Thursday, expressed his country's active support for the application file of the island of Djerba to be included on the UNESCO World Heritage List, considering it an excellent file that meets all the required criteria.

At his meeting with the mayor of Houmt Souk and members of the municipal council, as well as representatives of the Tunisian Confederation of Industry, Trade and Handicrafts (UTICA), the ambassador also showed special interest in promoting a twinning with a French city that shares similar issues related to the coastline, waste management, land use planning and public transport. Such projects would benefit from French support in the framework of decentralised cooperation, he pointed out.

"The island of Djerba has a lot to gain by highlighting the dimension of sustainable development and fight against climate change", in order to obtain European, World Bank or French subsidies and attract tourists "for whom the environment is a priority", stressed Poivre d'Arvor.

The diplomat invites the mayor of Houmt Souk to be part of the network of cities that are joining the Blue Season, an annual event that will take place for three months this summer to showcase the Tunisian coastline.

The talks focused on the island's concerns and ways to promote its image in order to attract investment and tourism, says Mayor Hassine Jerad.

The city of Houmt Souk is counting on the support of Tunisia's partners, including France, to develop local governance in order to improve the quality of life, he added, while pointing to the island's priorities, including waste management and the improvement of the road network.

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