Tozeur-COVID-19: second negative test for 6 infected persons
05/04/2020 18:51, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) - Regional Health Director in Tozeur, Nabih Thabet, on Sunday, announced the recovery of the six COVID-19 patients from Tozeur, after the release of negative results of the second tests taken on April 3, 2020. The first tests, also negative, were carried out on April 1.

The six people concerned, on Sunday, left the mandatory isolation centre in Tozeur, to return home and undergo a period of self-isolation of 14 days, before being declaring their final recovery.

Following this, Tozeur will return to the zero infection case.

Thirteen other persons returning from abroad or from other parts of the country are currently undergoing a period of mandatory isolation.

The six cases of infection were detected on March 27. Two of them are from the town of Tozeur, two from Degache, one from Nefta and one from Tamaghza.

Five had returned from Djerba and the sixth had caught the virus through horizontal infection.

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