Djerba: fuel pumped out from oil tanker wreck
24/05/2020 14:51, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) - Fuel was successfully pumped out from the wreck of an oil tanker off Djerba, Governor of Medenine Habib Chaouat told TAP Saturday.

The tanker, a part of which is still in Malta, was thrown into the sea, 50 meters deep. It will serve as a habitat for the reproduction of marine fauna.

The pumping of fuel oil and motor oil from the wreck of the 80-meter-long freighter took place without incident or leakage in the sea.

A private company, assisted by the national Navy, evacuated 40 tonnes of fuel, oil and pumped water which it transported to Sfax, aboard the ''Kerkennah ferry'' to be processed.

The ferry of Kerkennah was chosen instead of the Djerba ferry for technical considerations, the same source said.

The wreck, which had been inspected by a team of French Navy divers since May 12, 2020, remained under army surveillance to prevent any risk of collision with other ships.

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