Tozeur bids for Arab Environment Capital
01/06/2020 17:00, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) - The municipality of Tozeur is announcing its candidacy for the Arab Environment Capital.

Several sessions will take place to discuss Tozeur's bid. They will be attended by specialists and representatives of the relevant administrations and associations, Deputy Mayor Wassila Hedfi told TAP.

This is a regional competition meant to choose the best Arab cities in the field of environment protection, Hedfi added.

Known for its oases, Tozeur was chosen by the Local Affairs Ministry to represent Tunisia in this competition.

Indeed, the oases are what characterise the city, giving it a natural, environmental and esthetic particularity.

Despite climate change, the city of Tozeur has preserved its environmental features by making use of its oasis residues and its components in architecture.

The city has also safeguarded the cultural and economic aspects of the oases, including traditional transport methods and the use of solar energy as clean energy in public lighting.

Tozeur's candidacy will include various economic, touristic and cultural aspects as well as indicators on the municipality's respect for the environment.

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