General strike on Monday in Tataouine (URT)
21/06/2020 20:57, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) - The administrative committee of the Tataouine Local Labour Union (URT) reporting to the UGTT, decided to stage a general strike on Monday throughout the governorate, and condemned the forced security's intervention to end the el Kamour sit-in in the region.

In their exceptional meeting on Sunday, the URT members also called for a cabinet meeting to discuss the issue.

They demanded "the release of the sit-inners detained by the security forces or they would be forced to resort to other, more severe forms of struggle," they threatened.

They considered that "this attack constitutes an assault on the credibility of the trade union organisation and an abortion to establish communication channels between the sit-inners and the government, especially as steps are being taken to hold a cabinet meeting devoted to the region."

Speaking by telephone with TAP correspondent in the region, governor of Tataouine Adel Ouergui pointed out the security intervention is being carried out in accordance with the law, with a view to opening the roads and a return to normalcy for all economic and social activities.

Citing the blocked roads in the region, the governor clarified that the intervention had been aimed to arrest of a person subject to three arrest warrants.

Regarding the clashes that had taken place between the security forces and sit-inners, Ouergui estimated that they are part of defending the security premises. For the time being, the governor ruled out any possibility of dialogue with the sit-inners or the el Kamour sit-in coordination committee.

In a statement to the media, UGTT Secretary General Noureddine Taboubi expressed astonishment at the security intervention, evoking "a crisis of confidence and his rejection of the security treatment of social affairs."

As part of the State's continuity, it was absolutely necessary to apply the el Kamour agreement, Taboubi said, reaffirming his keenness to establish "a peaceful and responsible dialogue with a view to finding a way out and giving hope to unemployed youth."

However, Taboubi is still committed to the trade union's demand for a cabinet meeting to be held in Tataouine.

The el Kamour agreement will not be shelved, the governor said, announcing that a meeting will be held on June 23 at the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Energy Transition to discuss the outstanding issues.

In accordance with the el Kamour agreement, the meeting will be devoted to raising the salaries of workers at the Environment, Planting and Gardening Company, as well as the last tranche of recruits, which includes 500 people, out of a total of 3,000 workers and officers.

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