Djerba: curfew shortened by two hours, from 11pm to 5 am and extended for fortnight
23/10/2020 23:37, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) -The curfew decreed in Djerba will be reduced by two hours, from 11 pm to 5 am, and extended for a fortnight from 25 October 2020, following the improvement in the epidemiological situation, announced the regional commission for the fight against disasters and the organisation of relief operations in Médenine.

The commission also decided to extend the authorisation of cafés and restaurants to work with 50% of their capacity, to respect the sanitary protocol, in addition to the obligation to wear medical masks, following its second evaluation meeting held on Friday.

The commission also decided to maintain the decisions on the continuity of work at the level of economic, tourist and industrial companies, educational and training and higher education institutions, while ensuring the implementation of the sanitary protocol.

It also called for ensuring the application of this protocol in collective services, including transport and administrative structures, as well as guaranteeing the regularity of the island's supply of consumer products.

The participants in this meeting called on civil society organisations and components to strengthen awareness-raising efforts, particularly in overcrowded places such as post offices and other establishments, through the organisation and imposition of conditions for the prevention of COVID-19.

The members of the commission stressed the need to continue the placement of infected persons in mandatory lockdown, in the lockdown centre.

The commission noted the drop in the number of confirmed cases to 101 since October 9, the date of the decision to adopt a curfew, compared to 165 cases 15 days before the curfew.

The number of cases carrying the virus fell from 119, 15 days before the curfew, to 74 cases during the 15 days of the curfew, in addition to the registration of a death rate of 3.1% for every 100 thousand inhabitants, against a national rate of 6.24%.

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