Sfax: Towards creation of three units of waste recycling and recovery
09/06/2022 20:28, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) - Governor of Sfax Fakher Fakhfakh said Thursday that "for the resolution of the crisis of household waste that persists in the region for over 8 months, the authorities are moving towards the creation of three units of waste recycling and recovery.

In a statement to TAP, he said it will be proceeded during the coming week to the signing of the necessary mechanisms for the establishment of these units of waste recycling and recovery in the regions of Limaya in Menzel Chaker and the Zarrouk farm in the delegation of Mahrès, stating that the third unit will be established on a site to be determined.

"It is not public dumps but recycling units for the extraction of fertilizer and organic materials that will be established on state land, away from residential areas," he said.

In this context, the same source said that the temporary landfill located on the port road will be reopened, after consultation with the mayor of Sfax and union officials, so as to begin the collection of waste piled up in the streets and roads of the city to unload them in temporary collection points in Limaya and the Zarrouk farm, pending the establishment of units in question.

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