Focus on regions: TAP reporters visit governorate of Nabeul
27/06/2022 16:32, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) - A group of reporters, photographers and camera operators from the Tunis-Afrique-Presse (TAP) news agency are visiting the governorate of Nabeul from June 27 to July 2, 2022.

This visit is part of the programme "Zoom sur les regions” (focus on regions), the result of a partnership between TAP and the German Foundation Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) concluded in 2018.

The team of TAP will carry out a set of written and audiovisual reports on the specificities of the governorate of Nabeul, the main concerns of its inhabitants well as ongoing and planned projects in the region.

Among the issues that will be addressed, the problems of pollution of the lagoons of Korba and Tazarka, innovative projects in agriculture, handicrafts and tourism, the problems of fishing ports in Kelibia, the tomato picking season and the estimated harvest, the project of doubling the road between Nabeul and Kelibia.

Field visits will be made to Tunisian and foreign companies based in the region and interviews will be conducted with regional officials and different stakeholders.

On the first day of this visit, the team of TAP had a meeting with the newly appointed governor of Nabeul, Sabeh Mallek who talked about projects completed and others underway in the region.

The team members then headed to the German company NANI sarl specialising in the development and production of lifelike replicas of animals and fantasy figures made of plastic, based in Beni Khalled since 1982.

The company has invested large sums in improving the social environment and infrastructure of the region.

The programme “focus on regions” which has now reached its 16th edition, aims primarily to strengthen regional and local information within TAP, diversify the journalistic products published and train journalists on digital media techniques including "mobile journalism.”



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