Jebel Mghila: body of slain and mutilated shepherd found (Interior Ministry)
03/06/2017 14:55, Jebel Mghila (Sidi Bouzid)/Tunisia

(TAP) – A National Army unit, on Saturday afternoon, found the body of the shepherd Khelifa Soltani at Mount Mghila (governorate of Sidi Bouzid). He was kidnapped the day before by a group of terrorists, a security source and residents of the locality of Slatnia told TAP.

The victim was found slaughtered and his body mutilated, the same sources said.

The shepherd who accompanied Khelifa before he was abducted showed the soldiers where the terrorists had attacked them.

Relatives of Khelifa deplored in testimonies to TAP the absence of representatives of the regional and local authorities as well as security and military reinforcements near the place of the attack.

They complained of being left unprotected for the second time, despite the terrorist threat.

A similar attack had taken place in November 2015 when Khelifa's younger brother, the late Mabrouk Soltani, was kidnapped by terrorists on Mount Mghila and beheaded.

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