FTDES calls for joint work plan on deceased migrants in Tunisia
14/07/2019 18:29, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) - The Tunisian Forum for Economic and Social Rights (FTDES) reiterated its call to national and regional authorities to collect and manage information on deceased immigrants in order to record them in a central database, accessible to all institutions concerned and with a view to facilitating the identification of their children by families.

In a statement issued on Sunday, he recalled that correspondence had been sent since 2016 to the central authorities: the Prime Ministry, the Ministry of State Property and Land Affairs and the Ministry of Social Affairs, inviting them to assume their responsibility for the designation of a place to house a cemetery for the bodies of immigrants.

The forum called for a common work plan, involving regional and local authorities and humanitarian organisations in the treatment of the bodies of immigrants in order to preserve dignity after death and give families hope that they can identify the bodies of their children and re-bury them.

The forum, which has been following the case of a boat leaving Libya and carrying more than 85 migrants for several days, considers that what happened when the bodies were recovered and transported to Gabes hospital and the search for a burial place, constitutes a "shame" as regards respect for human beings after death, especially since several bodies were transported in "trucks mainly intended for the transport of waste".

It pointed to the attempts by several municipalities to evade their moral and human responsibility to designate a suitable place for the burial of recovered bodies," the statement said. The FDTC particularly denounced the burial by the municipality of Zarzis on July 13, of all the bodies in a mass grave.

It also welcomed the DNA tests carried out to enable families to identify their children and the decision of the Bouchemma City Council to accept the burial of the bodies of immigrants.

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