Ennaceur urges government to improve women’s social situation
15/08/2019 17:54, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) - Interim President Mohamed Ennaceur urged the government to continue its efforts to improve the social situation of women and hasten the implementation of measures spelled out by the law on the elimination of violence against women.

He said he was firmly convinced that women's position in the family and in society is dependent on their economic empowerment, while recalling that Tunisian women contribute to economic development up to nearly half of the GDP.

The reform process in relation to women has gained momentum since the late President Beji Caid Essebsi was named Prime Minister in 2011 and was elected President of the Republic in 2014, Ennaceur said in his speech at a ceremony at Carthage Palace marking the celebration of National Women's Day that coincides with the promulgation of the Personal Status Code.

"This approach has been consolidated through several organic laws that strengthen the position of women in society," he said, recalling the law on equal inheritance approved by the Cabinet Meeting and submitted to parliament for discussion and adoption.

Mohamed Ennaceur said he was confident the next parliament will continue the examination of this law and work for its adoption.

Tunisia, which has cast off dictatorship, needs a new social contract capable of upholding the values and mechanisms of the democratic, civil, equitable and balanced societal model to which Tunisians aspire, he argued.

This model can only come into being with the support and participation of all the vital forces of the country and will only be effective if women occupy their rightful position, he added.

The interim President of the Republic expressed his faith in the country's vital forces among political parties, organisations, associations and elites, saying they will not hesitate to do everything possible to ensure the success of the next national deadlines and will interact positively with the progressive proposals and Tunisian women's emancipation projects.

Ennaceur recalled that the code of personal status is the first legislation of the independent State that has materialised the civil and political rights of Tunisian women.

"The Personal Status Code is the cornerstone of the new societal project trustee of the values of modernity and equality between women and men in rights and obligations," he said.

The Interim President paid tribute to Tunisian women working in the administration and in all sectors, especially rural women, stressing that efforts must continue to promote women's rights and achieve the goals of the Revolution.

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