Implementation and evaluation of gender approach programmes under focus at press briefing by Aswat Nissa
15/08/2019 18:19, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) - Issues related to the lack of assessment mechanisms based on promoting women's rights and upholding the principle of gender equality were raised at a press briefing held Thursday by Aswat Nissa, on the celebration of National Women's Day.

Ines Balti, Officer in charge of Research and Support at the association, praised the efforts made to implement certain legislation that protect women's rights, particularly Law No. 58 on the elimination of violence against women and the law amending the legislation on the transport of female farmhands.

She criticised the absence of a report assessing the (2016-2020) work plan for the equality project funded by the European Union, which will be implemented by the Ministry of Women, Family, Children and Elderly Affairs to uphold the principle of equality and mainstream the gender approach in several areas.

She recalled the need to publish the annual assessment report of the equality programme in the Official Gazette, pending its adoption by the Cabinet meeting.

This programme, which involves a number of ministries, institutions and civil society representatives, aims to establish a legal system in line with the content of the Constitution and international conventions on the protection of women's rights.

"Aswat Nissa" denounced the non-implementation of parity during the previous elections (2014 and 2018), which yielded a poor representation of women in decision-making positions.

The participation of women is 12% in decision making positions in the Prime Ministry, 14% in the Presidency of the Republic and 36% in the National Authorities.

The participation of women at the top of lists in the 2019 legislatives is below expectations (between 3% and 27%) she said.

"Aswat Nissa" is a non-governmental organisation founded in 2011. It works to ensure gender mainstreaming in Tunisia's general policies.

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