Tunisian-European Science and Innovation Day: framework agreement for Tunisian doctoral students inked
09/09/2019 20:55, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) - A framework agreement on the financing of scientific research by Tunisian doctoral students was signed on Monday in Tunis, between the Association of Tunisian Technopoles, the National Agency for the Promotion of Scientific Research (French: ANPR) and the European Union's research and innovation funding programme for the period 2014-2020, PMU H2020.

This framework agreement was concluded on the sidelines of the Tunisian-European Science and Innovation Days (TESI), which are being held in Tunis on September 9 and 10 September in the presence of Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Slim Khalbous, the European Union Ambassador to Tunisia, Patrice Bergamini and the European Commission's Deputy Director General for Research and Innovation, Signe Ratso.

The TESI are jointly organised by the Ministry of Higher Education, the Directorate General for Research and Innovation of the European Commission and the European Union Delegation in Tunisia in order to assess Tunisian-European cooperation in scientific research and innovation and to explore the horizons of this cooperation.

Minister of Higher Education Slim Khalbous, indicated that despite the progress made, the field of scientific research in Tunisia requires reforms, particularly in terms of governance and financing, adding that the sources of funding must be diversified, since the State alone cannot provide funding, each year, for the work of 2,500 doctoral students from Tunisian universities.

Khalbous also announced that 70% of permanent university teachers are doctors and that it is no longer possible to recruit more, calling on Tunisian researchers to put their skills at the service of the country outside the framework of university education.

The Tunisian-European cooperation in scientific research dates back to 2003, when the Science and Technology Agreement was concluded. This cooperation was strengthened in 2016 by Tunisia's accession to the European Research and Innovation Programme Horizon 2020.

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