Tabboubi aspires to consensus on formation of next government "far from political calculations"
06/11/2019 20:03, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP)- Secretary-General of the Tunisian General Labour Union (UGTT), Noureddine Tabboubi, on Wednesday stressed the need to accelerate the formation of the government away from rivalries, insults and inappropriate invective.

In a statement to TAP on the occasion of the closing of the first trade union forum on "The UGTT and the challenges of renewal", held from November 3 to 6 in Hammamet, Tabboubi expressed the hope that a consensus would take place on the formation of the next government, "far from political calculations, and on the basis of efficiency and effective dynamism, to begin work on the issues of poverty, marginalisation, unemployment and infrastructure", he said.

"Tunisia needs a national unity, because the legacy is heavy and the challenges are major, which requires more will, cohesion and determination of all national organisations, civil society and political parties, to meet these challenges, especially since Tunisia is going through a very delicate period given the economic indicators posted," Tabboubi added.

He also pointed out that the trade union forum was an opportunity for trade unionists to assess a crucial stage in the progress of trade union organisation and to identify the strengths and weaknesses of trade union practice in order to develop its discourse and rationalise its working methods, to avoid it deriving from the foundations of national trade union work and to be able to reconcile demands with the maintenance of a production dynamic.

Referring to the positions of the UGTT on a number of issues, including the refusal to transfer public institutions, Tabboubi stressed that the UGTT remains, nevertheless, open to a reform of these institutions and ready for dialogue and negotiations on means to be implemented to carry out such a reform in order to guarantee the State additional financial resources, which would be essential for it to meet expenses and implement its programmes.

In this context, he recalled that the UGTT defends with the same energy the issue of tax justice, the establishment of the rule of law and institutions and the fight against corruption, noting that "the trade unionist label does not offer a pass for immunity", he said, adding that any person found guilty, does not commit the workers' organisation in any way".

He stressed that "the attacks against the UGTT do not only come from the internal front, but that the workers' organisation is also targeted by external parties, including donors who consider that the UGTT constitutes an obstacle to the implementation of a liberal programme that does not correspond to the current provisions of the Tunisian people," he concluded.

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