51.5% of sub-Saharan migrants were prone to acts of racism (FTDES)
16/12/2019 16:17, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) – Over 50% of sub-Saharan migrants were prone to acts of racism and hate speech on the part of Tunisians, according to a survey conducted by the migration department of the Tunisian forum for economic and social rights (FTDES).

During a conference organised on Monday by the FTDES in Tunis, university professor and author of the survey Faten Msakni underscored that racist acts mainly consist of insults (89.60%), physical assaults (33.90%), deceit (29.60%), abuse (22.90%), blackmailing (7.80%) and disrespect (4%).

“The sample included 962 migrants who were victims of these acts carried out by citizens, taxi drivers and business owners as well as by the police, reception agents, officials, employers and private institutions,” she said.

The survey showed that the professional situation of Sub-Saharans is legislated by antiquated laws dating back to the sixties; their professional activities are unstructured, perilous and lousy.

Migrants are constantly forced to look for new jobs to escape exploitation, disrespect, harassment, violence, payment problems and poor working conditions.

The migrants interviewed urged to improve their social, economic and legal conditions and called for respecting their rights and combating racism.

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