"PM-designate should be given free reign to hasten cabinet forrmation" (Taboubi)
21/12/2019 20:10, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) - Secretary-General of the Tunisian General Labor Union (UGTT), on Saturday, called on winning party of the October 6 legislative elections "to give free reign to the PM designate to speed up the process of selecting his government members."

Tabboubi pointed out that the Constitution "requires opening the way before the winning party to govern the country, without resorting to any cover from other parties", stressing that, "Tunisian citizens are the only ones to hold this party accountable for its actions and evaluate its work."

Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of his participation in a ceremony organised by the Transport Company of the Sahel (French: STS) in Mahdia, Tabboubi shed light on "the growing social tensions across the country."

He called for the need to address a number of issues. "Stakeholders from all sectors are expecting the formation of the new government to take place very soon. They call for better visibility so that they could find solutions to the various socio-economic challenges facing the country," he said.

Tabboubi called for “not departing from the values of the State and the sacrifices made by the nation’s heroes so as to build a country where citizens share its wealth and sacrifices on equal footing.”

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