Tunis hosts conference on "Youths against Terrorism"
25/12/2019 20:37, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) - A national conference on the theme of "Youths against Terrorism" was organised, Wednesday in Tunis, by the Ministry of Religious Affairs.

It was attended by Imams, acting Minister of Religious Affairs, the Minister of Education and acting Minister of Higher Education and the Minister of Women and Family.

Religious Affairs Minister Ahmed Adhoum reiterated the role of the department in shielding Tunisian citizens, particularly young people from terrorism threats within the framework of the national strategy of fight against terrorism.

He stressed that Islam is not a religion of extremism and violence but rather a religion of moderation. He called for the need to launch a national dialogue on religion in Tunisia and teach future generations about the true tenets of Islam.

Acting Minister of Education and Higher Education Hatem Ben Salem called for a revolution to protect young Tunisians from the threats of terrorism and violent extremism.

"We are witnessing a polarisation around religion," he warned, saying that “the situation of conflict and war across the Muslim world is no coincidence.”

Minister of Women, Family, Children and the Elderly Naziha Labidi stressed a healthy society starts with the family, calling for a return to the precepts of Islam which are based on the principles of knowledge and education.

The representative of the Youth and Sports Ministry said that young people under 35 representing nearly 57% of Tunisians are among the category most involved in terrorist acts. The fight against terrorism should be a national priority that joins all efforts in the face of the declining role of the family, social and economic precariousness and attempts of terrorist groups to recruit young people, she added.

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