PM designate pledges to establish “social Tunisia”
10/01/2020 17:51, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP)– Prime Minister-designate Habib Jemli pledged on Friday in address before the House of People's Representatives (HPR), to establish “a social Tunisia that does not abandon children among the precarious categories.”

He indicated that in order to achieve this objective, a new social protection system will be established, based on an integrated strategic vision and a review to be carried out on social security schemes as well as on promotion and social assistance programmes, setting up a dedicated platform for this purpose.

"The aim is also to provide minimum income and universal health coverage for vulnerable social groups, the elderly and people with special needs," Jemli added.

“The objective is to create a national fund to fight poverty, to which the State would contribute in its initial phase during 2020, with a budget of 200 million dinars, in addition to contributions from public and private institutions, individuals, organisations and bodies. He explained that the procedures and mechanisms for this fund would be established on the basis of transparency, good governance and public access to funding sources in order to better target an important segment of marginalised groups.

As regards the health sector, Jemli undertook to draw up an action plan to establish an effective health system by 2030, aimed to ensure universal health coverage, improve the quality of services provided to the citizens through family health and community health and by consolidating the presence of specialist doctors and the availability of medical equipment and medicines, particularly in the interior regions.

Jemli said that his government would work to introduce the unique identifier system by establishing a national digital register of data on individuals and linking sectoral systems and databases together.

He stressed that strengthening the presence of women in decision-making positions and contributing to development efforts would be among his Government's priorities, adding that promoting the status of rural women, combating school dropout of girls in rural areas, reducing the illiteracy rate, and maternal and child health in rural areas are also among the priorities of his government in the event of obtaining the vote of confidence in the government.

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