UGTT is bulwark of Tunisian Revolution (Taboubi)
14/01/2020 16:39, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP)- "The Tunisian General Labor Union (UGTT) is the bulwark of the Revolution and its main engine," its Secretary-general Noureddine Taboubi said on Tuesday.

Speaking at a rally of several hundred workers and trade unionists at Mohamed Ali Square on the 9th anniversary of the Tunisian Revolution, Tabboubi said the union is "the tent" of all Tunisians and the main actor that had put an end to the old regime through the series of sectoral and regional strikes it staged.

He recalled, in this context, the first protests held at the headquarters of regional and local unions, particularly in Sidi Bouzid and Kasserine, the starting point of the riots and the refuge for all protesters over jobs, dignity and social justice.

Taboubi criticised the current political situation, which he described as "rotten", stressing that the political landscape has divided the Tunisian society due to the lack of a collective vision and a social contract capable of restoring trust and loyalty to the homeland.

"Nine years have gone by without the aspirations of Tunisians being met," he said, adding that the country was now in the hands of corrupt smugglers and officials.

Hundreds of citizens and trade unionists rallied at Mohamed Ali Square in Tunis on Tuesday to mark the ninth anniversary of the Tunisian Revolution.

They chanted slogans for the achievement of the objectives of the Revolution, including those related to youth and employment.

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