Call for vigilance after new cases of coronavirus in China (Press release)
19/01/2020 15:04, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) - Following a report by the World Health Organisation (WHO) on the emergence of an outbreak of acute respiratory infections since December 31, 2019 in the "Wuhan" region of China, laboratory analyses have shown the relationship of these cases with a new coronavirus.

The number of infections in China has reached January 19, 2020, 69 cases, including 8 are still in serious condition and 19 have left hospital, with 2 deaths recorded, said a statement from the Ministry of Health released Sunday.

In order to prevent any spread of this virus in Tunisia, the Ministry of Health recommends to travelers to China to be vaccinated against seasonal flu and pneumococcus, the same source said.

The ministry also calls for taking the necessary preventive measures, such as washing hands, avoiding contact with patients, and eating uncooked food.

Travellers from China, especially from the "Wuhan" region, should signs of illness such as high fever and breathing difficulties appear, they should consult a doctor immediately, the same source said.

According to a survey carried out, no cases have been registered with health workers, and no contamination has been recorded so far.

This category of virus began to spread since 2002 under the name SARS and then in 2012 under the name MECoV in the Middle East.

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