General lockdown for over 10 million Tunisians as of Sunday
22/03/2020 10:04, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) – Prime Minister Elyes Fakhfakh announced on Saturday night that the general lockdown is a measure that involves all Tunisians, with the exception of about 15% of the population that will continue to work so as to ensure the smooth running of vital sectors, such as security, health, agro-food, water, electricity, banks, etc.

The general lockdown is a preventive measure aimed to ensure the people's security and the country's stability, this is why it is imperative to stay home and reduce the movement, Fakhfakh said addressing the Nation on the eve of the enforcement of the general lockdown measure.

«The general health lockdown» decided on Friday during a national security council, is a measure that «will also help us conduct some 10 thousand screening tests and thus make a sample,» he explained.

"This measure of great importance will help us identify the rise in the number of those infected and the progress of the disease,» he inidcated.

«We can thus take lead and prepare ourselves for all scenarios.»

Fakhfakh called Tunisians to comply with the health measures and to be patient, interdependent and generous.

«There is no victory without sacrifice,» he pointed out. «However, I am still convinced that we will this battle and we will come out of it stronger and more united.»

The general lockdown in Tunisia will be enforced as of March 22 till April 4, the Prime Ministry announced last Friday.

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