COVID-19: "We have not yet got beyond dangerous phase" (Nissaf Ben Alaya)
13/05/2020 11:06, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP)-"We have not yet got beyond the dangerous phase of the coronavirus' spread," Director General of the National Observatory of New and Emerging Diseases Nissaf Ben Alaya said on Tuesday in Tunis.

According to her, it would take at least 40 days without any new infection to be able to say that Tunisia has gone beyond this phase, due to the fact that the zero case does not mean that the virus no longer exists.

"That's why," she stated, "we have stepped up our screening and monitoring system," recalling that the sectors involved in the targeted lockdown had developed manuals to identify measures to be taken to stem the spread of the coronavirus and embody social distancing.

The risk still exists as long as repatriation operations continue, she pointed out.

"If we do not commit to the targeted lockdown measures, we risk reversing the success achieved in the previous period," she warned, recalling that no cure for this new disease has yet been found.

She added that the development of a vaccine can take up to a year and that the only current certainty is that preventive measures are the only guarantee of protection against this disease, whose risk of contamination remains high.

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