Unique Citizen Identifier: INPDP to stand up against any violation of personal data (Gaddes)
13/05/2020 14:58, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP)– President of the National Authority for the Protection of Personal Data (French: INPDP) Chawki Gaddes said Wednesday he endorses the decree-law on the registration of the unique citizen identifier published the previous day in the Official Gazette of the Tunisian Republic.

The authority, a partner of the unique identifier project, will work on enforcing this legislation and will stand up against any deviation or breach of personal data and publicly denounce them, he said.

Gaddes told TAP that the records of the unique citizen identifier will help establish an up-to-date database.

The authority has been working on this project since its launch in 2015, in partnership with the ministries of Local Affairs and Communication Technologies.

The INPDP incorporated this project into the personal data protection bill presented to parliament since 2016, he said.

The articles of the decree-law were taken over from the protection of personal data bill, given the urgency of the aid provided by the Ministry of Social Affairs, he added.

The decree-law on the unique citizen identifier issued by the Prime Minister was published in the JORT on Tuesday.

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