"Illegal immigration is domestic issue and some trying by all means to thwart Tunisian experience" (Saied)
03/08/2020 20:28, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) – “It is time to reflect on the real reasons leading young and old alike to depart on death boats,” President Kais Saied said in a speech delivered Sunday as he visited the two coastal towns of Sfax and Mahdia

The Head of State added that the issue of irregular immigration is a domestic and Tunisian issue.

"It must be recognised that in Tunisia we have not managed to solve the economic and development problems," he said, recalling the migratory wave that took place after January 14, 2011.

In a few days, more than 25,000 people immigrated to Italy.

“Today, irregular or illegal migration is being set up by some for political reasons,” he pointed out.

He added that “there are some who have been encouraging such people to believe that the electoral process, particularly the presidential one, was futile and did not lead to the achievement of the Tunisian people’s goals, knowing that we have not yet been given the chance to implement the multiple projects that have been prepared.”

The Head of State affirmed that today projects are ready but could not see the light of day for reasons of slowness or blocking, in addition to the endemic problem of unemployment in Tunisia.

In this context, he recalled that several projects are being implemented, including the Aghlabid medical city of Kairouan, the TGV which will link the country from side to side, from Bizerte to Ben Guerdane, as well as projects located in Sidi Bouzid.

Yet, it is true that “land monsters are more ferocious than sea monsters.”

He added: “It is clear that some people are trying by all means to lead the Tunisian experience to failure. They have sought to fake a crisis, so as to subsequently manage it, the same crisis they invented from scratch.”

“I came here today to prove that the Tunisian state is present and that the maneuvers that are being arranged are more than evident, especially through the slogans raised by some of those who have reached the Italian coast.”

Saied stressed that the Tunisian State is indivisible. “There is no multitude of states; there is only one, with a single president, who bears full responsibility before God, the people and history; responsible for preserving the sovereignty of the Tunisian State, so as to meet the expectations of Tunisians, and achieve the development and well-being goals.

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