Gov't to adopt fresh development approach to meet citizens' expectations in regions (Mechichi)
21/11/2020 13:23, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP)- Prime Minister Hichem Mechichi said Saturday the government will adopt a fresh development approach different from those adopted for decades.

Speaking at the opening of the conference of governors in Aouina, Mechichi said the new development policy will be based on meeting the expectations of citizens in the regions.

"To this end, experts will travel to all the governorates to implement projects in partnership with national organisations and civil society within the framework of regional councils which will be chaired by a member of the government," he indicated.

The PM pointed out that the working teams' visits to the regions during the development councils, which are due to be held soon, are aimed at learning about all the proposals made at the local level.

"This participatory process breaks with unilateral and centralised decision-making that does not take into account the specificities of each region," he explained.

Mechichi considered that the improvement of social conditions requires the adoption of fair and solidarity-based development policies to do justice to the interior regions that have long suffered from marginalisation and backwardness in their development.

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