COVID-19 vaccine: "Worrying" results of survey conducted among health professionals (
26/02/2021 10:19, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) - A survey conducted by -- a digital communication platform for Tunisian health professionals -- on their perception of the COVID-19 vaccination, revealed that 42.9% intend to be vaccinated, 33.6% are still hesitant and 23.5% do not intend to do so. 

The outcome of this survey, conducted on January 10-20 among 672 health professionals (doctors, pharmacists, paramedics, etc.), is somewhat worrying given the key role played by these professionals in raising awarness about health issues, considered. 

For those who answere with "yes," various motivations push them to vaccinate such as community-based prevention (83.7%), family protection (75.7%) or patients' protection (55.6%)  

On the other hand, those who ansewered with "no" or those who are still hesitant, the reasons are mainly doubt about the safety of the vaccine (68.6%), followed by the lack of information (61.8%) or even the lack of confidence in the authorities' managment of the vaccination campaign (23.5%). 

Regarding the vaccination campaign, 78.5% of the health professionals who intend to get inoculated and 66.4% of those still hesitant recommend better communication about the vaccine's efficiency and safety, while 38.8% of those who are against vaccination voiced willingness to wait for better testing of the vaccin. expressed intention to join forces to support the national vaccination campaign, by conducting communication campaigns on this subject and combating misinformation.

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