PM's activities in combating discrimination and upholding equality between social groups rather "negative" (Aswat Nissa)
22/12/2021 14:58, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) - Aswat Nissa indicated that Prime Minister Najla Bouden's activity report in combating discrimination and upholding equality between all social groups is rather "negative," underscoring the organisation's willingness to put its know-how at the service of political actors to include the gender approach in their agendas.

In its report, presented Wednesday as part of the evaluation of the first 100 days of the PM's work from October 11 to December 12, 2021, Aswat Nisaa added that Bouden's work in reducing gender differences has been deemed "poor."

The organisation recalled in this regard, that the meetings the Prime Minister had with several national personalities, such as the President of the Agriculture and Fishing Union and the United Nations Resident Coordinator in Tunisia, had not resulted in any decisions benefiting women or other social categories, underlining that Bouden has not taken any initiative in terms of legislative reform, apart from the publication of 4 circulars, including circular number 18 for 2021 on the suppression of the adoption of the gender approach in appointments, which had been approved by the previous ministers and secretaries of State.

With regard to communication policy, Aswat Nissa drew attention to the almost total absence of the premier on the media scene, affirming that she had not held any debates with the press and had not made any statements to the media following her meetings with the President of the Republic.

Furthermore, the organisation said that Bouden had issued a circular calling on ministers to coordinate with the communication services of the Prime Ministry on the content and form of any media intervention, which hinders the enforcement of the principles of transparency and accountability.

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