Trade unionists call for going back on decision to hold UGTT national congress
27/01/2022 14:19, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) - Trade unionists launched an initiative to call for going back on the decision to hold the national congress of the Tunisian General Labour Union (French: UGTT,) scheduled for the second half of February. A genuine dialogue between trade unionists is required to give concerted thought to the way in which the independence of the labour organisation can be preserved and democracy in its management guaranteed.

Cancelling the congress and not enforcing the last amendment to the UGTT's statutes will help the labour union preserve its credibility and stand in the way of attempts to meedle in its internal affairs

The unionists urged a real dialogue to restore good relations and preserve the union's influence. They also reminded of the court's decision invalidating the results of the non-elective extraordinary congress.

The move comes amid the crisis which the UGTT is going through, said signatories of the text of the initiative. The latter mainly include UGTT Deputy Secretary General in charge of the Private Sector Mohamed Ali Boughdiri, Secretary-General of the General Union of Secondary Education Lasaad Yaakoubi, Kassem Afia, Amal Betayyeb, Mohamed Syoud, Ihab Hajji and Mourad Allala.

They held the labour union's current leadership accountable for failure to comply with the rules of the democratic game.

The Tunis court of first instance rejected on November 21,2021, the decision of the UGTT National Council to hold a non-elective extraordinary congress.

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