Labour Day: UGTT against accumulation of power and unilateral change of laws (Tabboubi)
01/05/2022 13:22, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) - Secretary General of the Tunisian General Labor Union (UGTT) Noureddine Tabboubi said the union rejects the accumulation of power and unilateral change of laws and legislation.

In a speech to workers on International Labour Day Sunday, Tabboubi stressed that "the stakes are now great and serious, and no one is allowed to miss the momentum shown by Tunisians on July 25, 2021 and return to a deplorable situation, similar to the one that prevailed before this date.

He added "it is not allowed either that the current state of ambiguity and exclusivity of opinion persists. This will only aggravate the real problems of the people, worsen the situation and accelerate the terrible collapse of the state,» he pointed out.

President Kaïs Saïed had decided on July 25, 2021, the day of the celebration of the Republic Day, to freeze the activities of the House of People's Representatives and remove Prime Minister Hichem Mechichi from office.

In September 2022, President Saied took a series of measures and decisions, the most important of which are the dissolution of the Parliament and the Supreme Council of the Judiciary and introducing fundamental changes in the composition and work of the Independent High Authority for Elections.

Noureddine Tabboubi stressed that the Tunisian General Labor Union is determined to turn the July 25 decisions into a new "process", reaffirming the union's commitment to make this process a success.

The President of the Republic, who has stated his willingness to organise a national dialogue, must keep his promise and launch a National Dialogue as soon as possible, before it is too late, Tabboubi said.

He stressed the importance of agreeing on its objectives, its framework, its axes, its schedule and the parties that will participate. For him, this dialogue is the last chance.

Today, Tunisians have no choice but to pursue the path of dialogue, regardless of differences and divergent opinion to spare Tunisia the crises, chaos and instability, he said.

The UGTT S-G. said Tunisia is going through a political, economic, social and financial crisis threatening the stability of the state and its institutions and an unprecedented economic and financial collapse that will have serious social implications.

Tabboubi reiterated his support for the decisions of July 25, 2021, hoping that this path would be a last chance for Tunisia and its people to get out of the deplorable situation they face.

He called for an end to exceptional measures and to establish, in a participatory manner, a political system and an electoral law matching the specificities of Tunisian society.

On the other hand, the Secretary General of the Union said he regrets that the position of the President of the Republic is marked by a certain "hesitation" and "a lack of clarity.

President Saied has chosen to organise an online consultation aimed at young people in particular. However, the consultation cannot replace a national dialogue itself, he pointed out.

He stressed that in order for the dialogue to be not a formality, the labour organisation insisted that it does not take place on the basis of prior results determined outside the framework of trade union dialogue, but rather with the active participation of social and civil forces.

Tabboubi also explained that it should be a deep dialogue without prior decisions in which only Tunisia, its people and the future of its generations have the upper hand, to be a real and last opportunity to bring together the national forces around a national development project.

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