Najla Bouden points out "need to introduce necessary reforms in state enterprises"
07/05/2022 14:23, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) - The State has no plans to privatise strategic state enterprises, given their role in the implementation of economic and social policies, Prime Minister Najla Bouden underlined Saturday,.

She specified at the opening of the Labour Day observance ceremony, that the reform of these enterprises has become a necessity by devising a restructuring programme and an efficient legal framework, notably in matters of competitiveness.

A list of institutions operating in strategic sectors will be drawn up and criteria for a new management based on transparency will be set up.

The next stage will be that of in-depth reforms involving the development of a global reform project outlining a social pact that protects vulnerable groups and helps create wealth.

These reforms notably include the improvement of the working climate by offering more opportunities for initiative, creativity and innovation, the PM indicated.

They also include the upgrading of the public sector through the reform of the administration, she added, affirming that the revision of the salary scale will be conducted according to the State budget and the public debt.

The reform programme also seeks to enhance the State's social role for Tunisians, notably in view of the prevailing crises, through approaches that ensure a fair distribution of State subsidies and combat speculation and smuggling, and to improve the quality of education and training while giving more importance to the health sector.

Bouden called on Tunisians to support this national "reform programme," emphasising the need to consult with the various social partners in order to implement it and ensure follow-up and evaluation.

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