Trade unionist Youssef Aouadni released, case dismissed [Upd 1]
23/11/2023 11:35, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP)- Secretary-General of the regional labour union in Sfax Youssef Aouadni was released, along with three more trade unionists after appearing before Sfax 1 First Instance Court, said official spokesperson for the Tunisian General Labour Union (French: UGTT) Sami Tahri.

The court dismissed the case against Aouadni and a fellow unionist, while handing a one-month suspended two others, he further told TAP.

In addition to the dismissal of the case against the SG and basic union member of La Société Nouvelle de Transport de Kerkennah Salah Graja, member of the defence team Hamida Chayeb also told TAP correspondent, the court sentenced Hatem Zgahb, Achraf Makki and Sliman Karoui to a suspended one-month prison sentence.

The defendants faced charges of impediment to feedom of work and threats necessitating criminal prosecution.

Trade union protests erupted on Wesdnesday in Sfax to demand the release of the trade unionists.

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