Conference in Tunis on school dropout
06/12/2017 17:23, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) - Several factors related to the family, the environment and the education system are behind school dropout, said participants at a conference on “School Dropout in Societies: Experiences and Approaches,”organised Wednesday in Tunis by the Centre of Studies and Economic and Social Research.

Centre Director Moncef Ouanes said on the occasion that a study conducted by specialists of the centre over a period of three years in five governorates revealed that school dropout is a complicated and multidisciplinary social phenomenon whose consequences are dangerous for society.

"Youth who have dropped out of school can easily get off track and become targets for terrorist groups, smugglers or religious extremists," he pointed out, specifying that the conference will be an opportunity to analyse this phenomenon and propose the appropriate solutions.

For her part, Minister of Women, Family and Childhood Neziha Laabidi underlined that school dropout is a form of violence against children, indicating that the illiteracy rate has dropped to 18. 1% in Tunisia except that it continues to multiply among women.

In this regard, she added that the Ministry had devised a coherent and multidisciplinary strategy to combat school dropout which is based on free education and the guarantee of transport and school accommodation.

Laabidi specified that the Ministry had paid in 2017 school fees for 3,000 children enrolled in kindergartens and is currently working on redeveloping municipal kindergartens for the benefit of children from limited-income families.

The repercussions of the failure of the education system in Arab societies on the increase of the school dropout rate and on stability in the region are the main subjects on the agenda of the conference. Participants will also analyse the different aspects of this phenomenon and will examine successful experiences to combat this scourge.

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