"Tunisia would see new wave of coronavirus infection as of next autumn" (Mekki)
29/06/2020 18:29, TUNIS/Tunisia
(TAP) -" Tunisia would see a second wave of coronavirus as of the next autumn, especially after the opening of the borders," Health Minister...
COVID-19: three more imported cases recorded June 28
29/06/2020 18:12, TUNIS/Tunisia
(TAP) – Three imported cases of infection with COVID19 were recorded among repatriated Tunisians on June 28, out of 82 tests carried out, said the...
Ministry of Higher Education inks partnership agreement with UTICA
29/06/2020 17:26, TUNIS/Tunisia
(TAP) – The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, on Monday, inked a partnership agreement with the Tunisian Confederation of...
Abdellatif Mekki pays tribute to civil society for their important role in fight against Covid-19
28/06/2020 20:06, TUNIS/Tunisia
(TAP)- "Without the action of donors, it was impossible for the health sector to overcome the crisis and meet its needs," Health Minister Abdellatif...
Tabboubi promises to straigthen path towards upholding national sovereignty
28/06/2020 18:06, TUNIS/Tunisia
(TAP) - The Tunisian General Labour Union (UGTT) will straigthen the path towards upholding national sovereignty, UGTT Secretary General Noureddine...
"We need to resort to internal funding methods given impossibility of counting on external resources" (Mekki)
28/06/2020 17:42, TUNIS/Tunisia
(TAP) – Health Minister Abdellatif Mekki commended the solidarity of Tunisians (individuals, enterprises and associations) in combating the...
COVID-19: 10 persons test positive on June 27, including one more imported case
28/06/2020 17:31, TUNIS/Tunisia
(TAP) – Out of all 353 conducted screening tests, including 19 on active cases, 10 persons have tested positive with COVID-19 on June 27, including...
COVID-19: four more imported cases registered June 26
27/06/2020 21:35, TUNIS/Tunisia
(TAP) - Four more imported cases of infection with COVID19 were recorded among repatriated Tunisians placed in quarantine centres, the Health...
UGTT to file complaint within ILO over violation of right to organise
27/06/2020 17:51, TUNIS/Tunisia
(TAP) – “The Tunisian General Labour Union (UGTT) plans to file a complaint with the International Labour Organisation (ILO) over violation of the...
Progress of EU-funded Essaha Aziza programme at centre of working session
26/06/2020 20:02, TUNIS/Tunisia
(TAP) - A working session was held on Friday to monitor the progress of the EU-funded health sector support programme "Essaha Aziza / Precious...
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