"Low turnout rate in municipal elections, strong message from which we should learn lessons" Youssef Chahed
07/05/2018 10:05, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) - "The turnout in the municipal elections is much lower than the rates recorded during the previous post-revolution elections," said on Sunday Prime Minister Youssef Chahed in a TV statement broadcast on the national TV channel "Al-Wataniya 1."

This low turnout rate is "a negative indicator," as it carries a strong message from which we should learn lessons," he pointed out shortly after the closing of the polls.

"The components of the political scene should grasp the significance of this message and improve the political discourse to regain the trust of citizens who are the backbone of the democratic construction process," Chahed added.

On the other hand, the PM called on the Independent High Authority for Elections (ISIE) to remedy the shortcomings identified during the electoral process and to take all the necessary legal and judicial measures to punish any attempt to compromise the smooth running of the ballot.

He also called on the future members of municipal councils to "serve citizens without exclusion."

"The next step is work," he said.

"Tunisia’s success once again in the organisation of free and fair elections brings a message to the world," he underlined.

"This message indicates that the Tunisian model continues to move forward and succeeds and deserves further support," chahed specified.

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