Tunisia, winner of social negotiations (Chahed)
11/02/2019 10:43, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) – Tunisia is the winner of social negotiations with the Tunisian General Labour Union

(UGTT), Prime Minister Youssef Chahed pointed out Sunday night, estimating that “there are no winners or losers.”

The agreement on wage increases in the civil service takes into account the rights of employees on the one hand, and the State’s financial balances on the other, in spite of the attempts of some sides to scuttle these negotiations, he indicated.

In an address broadcast on the national 1 TV channel, Chahed added that the increases concern the active employees and the retirees as well as security and military forces.

As regards the secondary education crisis, the Prime Minister reiterated that the theory of a lost year is indeed rejected, assuring that he had intervened personally in the negotiations with UGTT Secretary-General Nourredine Tabboubi.

He specified that instruction had been given to the Education Ministry to provide all means inherent to the success of the school year.

Youssef Chahed pointed out that the wage increases granted to the educational staff will be provided by the State, denying the information regarding the intervention of Ennahdha Movement President Rached Ghannouchi with the State of Qatar to ensure this funding.

It is necessary to provide a healthy political and social climate to reboot growth and help organise the forthcoming elections in the best conditions, he affirmed.

The Premier also evoked the positive social climate which will prevail thanks to these agreements, estimating that Tunisia is on the right path, following the improvement of indicators in the tourism and agriculture sectors.

Besides, he recalled that the cancellation of the general strike (February 20-21) will contribute to the creation of an appropriate atmosphere for the forthcoming elections, notably following the appointment of the ISIE members by the House of Peoples’ Representatives (HPR).

The Prime Minister called on the Tunisians to return to work, the sole way to overcome all the crises.

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