ISIE's Baffoun: over 616,000 new voters registered up to May 3
04/05/2019 17:57, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) - Independent High Authority for Elections (French: ISIE)’s Nabil Baffoun said there were 616,471 voter registration operations up to May 3.

Women account for 54.1% and men for 45.9%, said the president of the election body.

Voter registration rate for youth aged 18 to 25 stands at 44.9 % of the total number of young voters (662,873) including pupils, students, working and jobless young men and women.

69, 709 voter registration updating operations were reported, Baffoun also told a news conference held Saturday in Tunis.

ISIE adopted a new strategy that has proven effective, he said. The rate of freshly registered voters (April 10 - May 1) exceeded those recorded throughout the whole registration campaign for the 2018 municipal elections.

It comes out of this new approach that one million and 850 thousand women and one million and 640 thousand men failed to register. This in addition to a large number of pupils, students, workforce in the sectors of industry and agriculture as well as jobless people and 28 thousand retirees, he said.

ISIE's new strategy is premised on the registration of youth, rural women and farmhands. It also targets public and private enterprises in industrial zones and administrative districts.

Baffoun said young people are by no way showing disinterest in elections. They "will create the surprise in the upcoming elections."

However, he spoke about the lack of cooperation on the part of public and private enterprises in getting their staff registered and difficulty in coordinating with farmers and agricultural companies.

Baffoun said, in another connection, 6,306 expatriate voters registered in various constituencies, which falls short of expected numbers. The election authority will continue to this end its awareness-raising actions in collaboration with civil society.

ISIE member Anis Jarbouii said media outlets need to stop publishing the results of opinion polls on July 16, that is three months before election date in accordance with the law in force.

The electoral registration process began on April 10 and will run till May 22.

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