Jemli's government fails to win vote of confidence [Upd 1]
11/01/2020 10:58, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) – The House of People's Representatives (HPR) rejected on Friday Prime Minister-designate Habib Jemli’s proposed government by 134 votes to 72 when a majority of 109 votes was required to have it approved.

President Kais Saied tasked Jemli, who was picked by Ennahdha as the biggest party in the parliament, with forming a new cabinet.

Under Article 89 of the Constitution, "the government shall be composed of a Head of Government, Ministers, and secretaries of state selected by the Head of Government, and in the case of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Defence, in consultation with the President of the Republic."

"Within one week of the declaration of the definitive election results, the President of the Republic shall ask the candidate of the party or the electoral coalition which won the largest number of seats in the Assembly of the Representatives of the People to form a government, within a one month period, extendable once. If two or more parties or coalitions have the same number of seats, then the party or coalition having received the largest number of votes shall be asked to form a government."

"If the specified period elapses without the formation of the government, or if the confidence of the Assembly of the Representatives of the People is not obtained, the President of the Republic shall consult with political parties, coalitions, and parliamentary groups, with the objective of asking the person judged most capable to form a government within a period of no more than one month to do so."

"If, in the four month period following the first designation of a person to form a government, the members of the Assembly of Representatives of the People fail to grant confidence in a government, the President of the Republic may dissolve the Assembly of the Representatives of the People and call for new legislative elections to be held within a minimum of 45 days and a maximum of 90 days."

"The government shall present a summary of its programme to the Assembly of the Representatives of the People with the objective of obtaining the confidence of an absolute majority of its members.

"Should the government thus gain the confidence of the Assembly, the President of the Republic shall appoint the Head of Government and the members of the government," further reads the article.

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