Technocratic cabinet best gov't at this stage (Jemli)
11/01/2020 13:14, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP)– Prime Minister-designate Habib Jemli, who lost a confidence vote on Friday, said after the general debate a technocratic cabinet is the best government for the country at this point. A government of independents does not mean it will not deal with or be hostile to political parties.

He said a government of independents at equal distance from all parties which builds on their programmes was the best choice "if the aim is to serve the country."

Jemli also said he went as far as possible in forming a political government supported by independents and agreed with the parties he consulted with after offering concessions but the failure of the process pushed him to come up with a government of independents.

Jemli said his picks are "the best in the country and able to deliver on hoped-for results" and rejected accusations of affiliation with political parties or corruption levelled at them without any proof.

Commenting on a correspondence received from the anti-corruption authority on Thursday evening in connection to accusations weighing on four designees, Jemli said two were cleared while the two others are subject to unjustified suspicions.

"This is no government of regional quota," Jemli highlighted. The criteria of regional belonging was not adopted but there were rather "objective criteria" even if roughly each region is adequately represented.

The PM-designate said in reaction to MP Ghazi Chaouachi's demand for him to step down before the plenary session he worked hard to form a technocratic government and came up with a programme inspired in part by party proposals during talks, including parties opposed to the cabinet today. Failure to win the vote of confidence "is by no means the end of the process."

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