Macron briefs Saied about content of discussions and recommendations issued from Berlin Conference on Libya
20/01/2020 11:55, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) – President Kais Saied received Sunday evening a phone call from France’s President Emmanuel Macron.

The latter briefed the Head of State about the content of the discussions and recommendations issued from the Berlin Conference on Libya, stating that he understands Tunisia’s position not to participate in the conference.

Tunisia had turned down the invitation on Friday of German Chancellor Angela Merkel to attend the Berlin Conference on Libya.

"Tunisia is unable to attend this conference owing that the invitation arrived late and because of its non-participation in the preparatory meetings for the conference that began last September," the Foreign Affairs Department said in a statement issued last Saturday.

According to the Presidency of the Republic, the phone talk also focused on the need for Tunisia to participate in any future initiative. Kais Saied recalled the mediation carried out in this regard on December 23, bringing together heads of Libyan tribes and representatives of the Libyan civil society for a Libyan-Libyan solution.

Saied pointed out that Tunisia is the most affected by the situation in Libya. Given its geographical position, Tunisia is the country that suffers the most from the consequences of the war, especially in terms of security.

The French President extended an invitation to President Kais Saied for a visit to France. Saied in turn invited President Macron to visit Tunisia.

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