General lockdown to come into force March 22 and run until April 4 (Prime Ministry)
20/03/2020 22:24, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP) - Following the National Security Council meeting held on Friday afternoon, a small Cabinet meeting was held under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Elyes Fakhfakh to discuss practical and administrative measures to implement the decisions announced by the President of the Republic.

It was decided to enforce general lockdown “starting from Sunday March 22 at 6 am until April 4, 2020,” according to a statement from the Prime Ministry.

“General lockdown means all citizens and residents in Tunisia stay at home and go out only to meet their basic needs and in cases of necessity, such as provision and health treatment. This excludes those working in sectors that will be identified, whether in the public of private ones,” the statement added.

“With regard to the public sector, the normal functioning of the public service continues in the following vital areas: "food, health, administration, judiciary, energy, security, water, transportation, communications, media, hygiene and vital industrial activities," it pointed out.

The necessary professional activity in the private sector also continues in the aforementioned areas.

The Prime Ministry said it will announce on Saturday, March 21, 2020 a package of exceptional economic and social measures, and will provide further clarifications on the measures taken, with a view to protecting individuals, especially vulnerable groups and institutions, from the repercussions of the new coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis.

The state will harness "all material and human capabilities to ensure the provision and supply of all basic amenities,” due to the urgent need for accelerating general lockdown to avoid the spread of infection with the virus, said the Prime Ministry.

It added that the government "will firmly deter monopolists and those undermining citizens' livelihood, health and safety."

President of the Republic Kais Saied, on Friday afternoon, ordered in a speech general lockdown in Tunisia, with the state maintaining vital services, including security, health and food and keeping small shops open.

The National Security Council also decided after its meeting at the Carthage Palace to ban inter-city travel, except in cases of extreme necessity and to shut down large industrial zones.

It also decided to resort to requisition to secure vital facilities’ activity and dedicate spaces to quarantine, the President of the Republic said in his speech

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