Coexistence with virus at heart of COVID-19 response strategy (minister)
05/08/2020 15:57, TUNIS/Tunisia

(TAP)- The health situation in Tunisia is still under control yet there is need for vigilance and compliance with health measures to avoid a worst case scenario, said Acting Health Minister Mohamed Habib Kechaou.

This is particularly true as many countries are bracing for a secong wave, he told a press conference Wednesday.

Kechaou warned against laxity and failure to comply with the health protocol, notably in airports where preventive measures need to be enforced with great rigour.

Coexistence with the virus is at the heart of the coronavirus response strategy in the coming period along with the protection of seniors and at-risk people, he further said.

"The country’s state of affairs does not allow for a renewed full lockdown or for shutting borders. We need to protect ourselves through simple prevention measures," he warned.

Kechaou said a report on the epidemiological situation will be released and a press conference held every Wednesday. He likewise urged inspection bodies to ensure compliance with health measures.

A cabinet meeting due to be held on Thursday will announce sanctions against those who fail to abide by agreed measures, particularly wearing face masks.

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